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Billion Vegans was born out of the vegan community, serves it and is driven by it. We strongly believe that the vegan community should own a portion of Billion Vegans, be a part of its journey and share its success. Join us!

For a small investment, as low as the cost of a family meal at a vegan restaurant, you get to:

Make your vegan life better by making vegan shopping convenient, affordable, and fun

Help promoting veganism and making it mainstream

Benefit from Billion Vegans’ growth and success

  • $150+ Limited edition Billion Vegans reusable bag
  • $300+ 20% discount for 3 months for one purchase up to $1,000 plus previous perks
  • $500+ 20% discount for 6 months for total purchases of up to $1,000 (in addition to the $1,000 of the previous perk) plus previous perks
  • $1,000+ Name added to the investor appreciation list on the About Us page on our website (optional) plus previous perks
  • $2,500+ Name added with “Lead Investor” distinction on the top of the investor appreciation list on the About Us page on our website (optional) plus previous perks
  • $10,000+ Private dinner for you and a guest with Alon in LA (domestic flight and hotel included) plus previous perks

Investor Perks:

What is Billion Vegans?

  • Billion Vegans is an e-commerce site for vegan-only products ranging from food, fashion and cosmetics to home and pet supplies - like Amazon, only vegan.

  • All sellers and products are thoroughly checked and vegan-certified because we care about animal welfare, our customers’ health, and environmental impact.

  • Founded by a team of serial Hi-Tech entrepreneurs who also happen to be vegan, we believe that doing good is good business.

  • Billion Vegans donates 10% of its profits to organizations supporting the vegan mission.

Own stock in a private company, under the new SEC crowdfunding regulations

What does it mean to be a Billion Vegans' shareholder?

Get your stock value grow with the company's success

Be a part of the investors’ closed group that impacts the company direction

Get special perks for shareholders - discounts, previews, swags, and more


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